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Kenya Computer Shipment

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Another Joy Foundation joins hands and resources with Faith Lutheran Flight Academy, Global Give Back Circle, World Vision, Jettest, AirSmart, Qatar Cargo Airlines and Her Lab to deliver 100 Computers, Laptops and iPads to a girls training center in Kenya.

The computers will reside in the Tech Hub at HER Lab, a Tertiary Education Program. The facility has solar panels for the Tech Hub, so there is never a problem getting power! Computers will also be used to educate others in the local community. The Girls at HER Lab also go into the communities on the weekend and transfer knowledge on Regenerative Agriculture to local farmers. World Vision Kenya (WVK) works with youth up to High School Graduation. Global Give Back Circle works to support the Girls after High Schools, so they can gain the skills needed to make the leap to true economic empowerment, i.e. jobs. At least 90% of the Girls at HER Lab are WVK Beneficiaries. We always take in a few girls from VERY marginalized circumstance, like girls from Turkana, so that they too can prosper and lift their communities.

Photos of the delivery will be posted soon

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