Another Joy Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada. Another Joy Foundation was created by aviation professionals to utilize resources in the aviation industry to transport toys and humanitarian aid to the less fortunate at no cost and or at a fraction of standard freight cost.

Another Joy Foundation and its dedicated partners have transported tons of humanitarian aid valued at over $150 Million to underprivileged children and families in the USA and around the world.


Our Mission

By utilizing  resource in the Aviation and NGO industry,  Another Joy Foundation is able to minimize mission costs and maximize program impact.


Another Joy Foundation provides toys, clothes, vital educational material and life-altering medical supplies to NGO's and lower income schools within the United States.


Globally, Another Joy Foundation  provides life saving medicine, toys, clothes, shoes and economy building tools to third world countries.

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Our Vision

Another Joy Foundation will continue to expand mission partners within the Airline industry to create a global logistics network with the ability to transport aid to those in need. 

The Another Joy Foundation long term vision is to launch Air Global Care, the first airline with the sole purpose to serve humanity. 


Air Global Care will operate a fleet of cargo, passenger and combi aircraft to transport aid and doctors to and from natural and manmade disasters. 


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AJF Team

Alden Crowley

Founder / Chairman of the Board


Nadia Crowley

Co Founder 



Aidan Crowley

Co Founder 


Naomi Whitney 

Executive Vice President


Josh Sidman

Vice President / Operations



Gloyd Robinson 

Board Member

Another Joy Foundation 

Rita Vaswani

Board Member

Another Joy Foundation

Harpreet "Harry" Singh

Board Member

Another Joy Foundation 

Attorney Paresh Shah

Board Member 

Another Joy Foundation 


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Together we will ELEVATE Humanity.